Ikonas Collection Modern Dining Room Description

The Ikonas Dining Room, created with every detail in mind, was designed to perfection. It has a striking appearance with the perfect blend of luxury comfort and modern lines. The Ikonas Collection fits perfectly into your living space with a contemporary elegance. Eye-catching style furniture is produced in the desired size and color upon order.

Luxury furniture takes its inspiration from future-oriented lines. It is produced with the best quality materials to offer density and functionality. It will be the perfect choice for your home.

If you wish, we can offer architectural support for the design of your modern living space.

You can visit our Interior page page for beedroom decoration examples. If you are interested in classic furniture instead of modern, you can visit our website luxury line furniture.

Product Features

Product ContentConsole, Dining Table and 6 Chairs, TV Unit, Dresser
Product MaterialTitanium Metal Coating
Product CareIt can be cleaned with a damp cloth


Product NameWidhtHeightDepth
Dining Table234 cm82 cm105 cm
Chair (6 Pieces)46 cm50 cm53 cm
Showcase (Optional)cmcmcm
TV Unite (Optional)cmcmcm
Dresser (Optional)135 cm93 cm45 cm

Product Video